With the application, you can manage your team more effectively, organize sports games, act as a referee, team manager or simply become a registered player. The application allows you to act as: organizer, team manager, coach, captain, player, statistician, referee .

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Create competitions & nbsp;
Add your competitions, create schedules

Invite teams & nbsp;
Send an invitation to trainers or captains and confirm the participation of teams entered

Manage staff
Add referees and statisticians and assign them to matches

Stand out with extensive statistics
Choose if you want to choose only MVP matches, or collect full statistics in all elements of the game

Present on our webpage
Show results, tables, rankings and statistics on & nbsp; www.rozgrywkisportowe.pl & nbsp; or if you have your website - embed on it

Team manager,
Coach, Captain

Manage teams
Create teams and invite players

Search for matches
Find games around

Take part
Report your team and determine the composition for the given game

Browse results
Check results, place in the table and rankings

Analyze players' progress
Browse player statistics and learn lessons


Join teams
Search for storerooms, accept invitations

Stay up to date
Receive notifications about matches, inform about presence

Browse results
Check results, place in the table and rankings

Track your achievements
Browse your stats and places in the rankings

Praise your friends
Share your achievements with friends

Statisticiac / Referee

Receive notifications about matches
Check if there is a match to be served

Confirm presence
Let me know about the anticipated absence

Enter statistics
Record player actions using an ergonomic panel

Search for job offers
Check if there are any matches to serve in the area.


    Onetime payment

    - 1 game & nbsp;
    - 60 matches
    - Podstrona on www.rozgrywkisportowe.pl
    - Gameplay displayed on the competition site

  • GOLD

    Monthly payment

    - Unlimited number of games & nbsp;
    - Unlimited number of matches
    - Podstrona www.rozgrywkisportowe.pl
    - No embedding option on your site
    - Basic branding


    Monthly payment

    - Unlimited number of games
    - Unlimited number of matches
    - Sponsors sponsors banners - Podstrona www.rozgrywkisportowe.pl
    - Injecting subpages under the existing organizer page (embedding)
    - Extended branding

About the application

This is an innovative system supporting the management of sports competitions. Thanks to us, the organization of your tournament will be easier and the games themselves will become more attractive to the participants.

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